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OCEAN-C / open chromatin enrichment and network Hi-C)
Aims to map global open chromatin interactions. OCEAN-C is a program allowing users to study open chromatin interactions and their relationship with gene regulation. This tool is developed for capturing interactions between open chromatin regions without relying on specific antibodies. It includes features for investigating changes in open chromatin conformations, such as promoter-enhancer interactions, that result in differential gene expression.
QuIN / Query tool for Interaction Networks
A web-based application for visualizing, annotating, and querying chromatin interactions derived from technologies such as ChIA-PET or HiC. QuIN enables: 1) building and visualizing chromatin interaction networks, 2) annotating networks with user-provided private and publicly available functional genomics and interaction datasets, 3) querying network components based on gene name or chromosome location, and 4) utilizing network based measures to identify and prioritize critical regulatory targets and their direct and indirect interactions.
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