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REGB / Roadmap EpiGenome Browser

Offers a platform compiling epigenomic information. REGB is a web platform that allows users to browse information related to tissue-specific regulatory roles of genetic variants associated with disease. The platform gathers multiple datasets displaying data related to DNA methylation, histone modification or open chromatin. It contains a wide range of functionalities including gene set view, genome juxtaposition, chromatin interaction display, and statistical testing.

PCSD / plant chromatin state database

Contains search tools, analysis tools and the UCSC Genome Browser for visualization. PCSD is a plant chromatin state database to integrate information on chromatin states, self-organization mapping (SOM) maps and epigenomic data features of three species, Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa and Zea mays. This application offers insights into the locations and functions of regulatory regions and genes in response to developmental and environmental signals.