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CGDB / Circadian Gene DataBase

A circadian gene database containing 72 800 non-redundant cycling genes in more than 148 eukaryotes. These include 1,382 genes with oscillatory transcripts that have been experimentally validated by techniques including RT-PCR, Northern blot, and in situ hybridization. Because the same gene often exhibits different pattern of temporal expression in different tissues/cells of an organism, and within an organism each tissue/cell type has a unique set of genes that show oscillation at the transcript level, the phase (time of peak and trough expression) of the oscillation has been indicated for each gene and the tissue/cell type in which it was identified to be cycling.


A searchable database of diel and circadian microarray expression data. This website allows searchable browsing of this quantitative gene expression information. The visualization allows for gene-by-gene comparison of transcript expression under both diel and circadian conditions, and the results are presented graphically in a plot profile of gene expression. The Ae. aegypti Circadian Database provides a community resource for observing diel and circadian fluctuations in gene expression across the Ae. aegypti genome.