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Managing clinical trials, of whatever size and complexity, requires efficient trial management. Trials fail because tried and tested systems handed down through apprenticeships have not been documented, evaluated or published to guide new trialists starting out in this important field. For the past three decades, trialists have invented and reinvented the trial management wheel.

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(Farrell et al., 2010) Managing clinical trials. Trials.

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GenTAC / Genetically triggered thoracic aortic condition
Provides a biospecimen inventory and bioinformatics infrastructure to enable research to advance the clinical management of genetically triggered thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAAs) and related complications. GenTAC is a longitudinal observational cohort study enrolling patients with conditions related to genetically-induced TAAs from five regional clinical centers in the United States. GenTAC has been established to facilitate studies by GenTAC investigators and others that will advance multiple scientific frontiers in thoracic aortic disease.
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