Our objective is to empower life science practitioners all over the world to achieve breakthroughs by getting data to talk.


The sheer volume of data and resources at our fingertips far exceeds man’s natural processing, deciphering and analysis abilities. That’s why we at omicX have developed a cognitive analytics platform to drive progress in life sciences.


Powered by a best-in-class insight engine, our unique ecosystem deciphers and maps thought processes to deliver most meaningful and actionable biological meta-insights across all departmental and corporate boundaries. This allows life science practitioners to save valuable time, improve decision-making and accelerate go-to-market strategies.

Accessible via web app, omicX is recognized as the most insightful life science analysis platform by a community of more than one million high-level users.


omicX is a dynamic start-up that employs a team of talented individuals, an even mix of bioinformaticians, data scientists, web designers, programmers and biologists. The company is managed by its founder, Arnaud Desfeux, Chief Executive Officer and Marion Denorme, Chief Operating Officer, with the support of its Board of Directors.

Core values

omicX is a company driven by strong values:

Our primary objective is to empower all those working in life sciences to find solutions to the biological challenges we face today, by providing them with the valuable tools and insights they need.

To achieve this, we need to innovate, calling upon our technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of the life science community, its needs and fast-moving technological developments, to develop the powerful and sophisticated tools they dream of.

We are also committed to earning the trust of life science practitioners – researchers, organizations and businesses – as their success depends on the quality of our insights and analytics reports. Our biggest challenge is ensuring they are never disappointed.


Arnaud Desfeux, PhD
Founder and CEO of omicX

Arnaud Desfeux, CEO and Chairman of the Strategic Board, founded omicX in 2013.
Prior to founding omicX he worked as a research associate for UCL in London and biomarker project leader in a company developing and manufacturing high performance analytic tools for life science industries. It was there that he perceived the need for a solution to help life scientists navigate their way through the masses of unstructured big biodata and decipher valuable insights.
Arnaud has raised €4.5 million in finance since 2013, to make omicX a benchmark in big biodata analysis and interpretation.
Arnaud holds a Master’s degree in cellular biology and a PhD specializing in neurosciences from the University of Rouen. He also holds a degree in management and marketing.
Arnaud Desfeux - omicX

Marion Denorme, PhD,
Chief Operating Officer, omicX

Marion Denorme is a founding member of the omicX team.
Prior to joining omicX she worked in research at the INSERM and as a life science editor for TEDX. At omicX, Marion is responsible for day-to-day management of the company and communications.
Marion holds a Master’s degree in biology and a PhD specializing in neurosciences from the University of Rouen.
Marion Denorme - omicX

Philippe Dro, MBA, Board Director
PharmD, private equity representative

Phillippe Dro has worked as an entrepreneur in the life science industry for over 20 years and has played a pivotal role in overseeing a number of strategic deals both in biotech and medtech companies.
After an initial career in R&D; and operations, he worked in finance for Novartis. He then joined Jago Holding, co-founded the GPCR platform Axovan AG in Basel, was appointed Chairman and CEO of EndoArt SA, a medical technology company in Lausanne and worked as a venture capitalist before joining the Zurich-based vaccine developer GlycoVaxyn AG, to oversee its development.
Philippe is Board Director of several biotech and medtech companies. He graduated in pharmacy at the ESC Lyon and obtained an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management.
Philippe Dro - omicX

David Sourdive, PhD, Board Director
Founder and VP Corporate Development Cellectis

David Sourdive is a co-founder and Board member of Cellectis. Today he is Executive Vice President of Technical Operations. Prior to joining Cellectis, he worked for 10 years in industrial program management at the French Department of Defense (DGA).
David has served on the Boards of various organizations, including the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences. He graduated from the École Polytechnique and obtained a PhD from the Pasteur Institute before accepting a research fellowship at Emory University. He also holds an MBA in management from HEC (Challenge Plus)
David Sourdive - omicX

François Guisset, MBA, Board Director
Representative Normandie Participations

François Guisset is Managing Director of Normandie Participations SAS SCR, a private equity and venture capital firm. He was one of the founder members of this regional investment fund. He has worked in international B2B and B2C development for over 15 years.
François graduated from the ESC Paris Business School and Sciences Po Paris (Institute for Political Studies, Paris).
Francois Guisset - omicX

Prof Esteban Cvitkovic, MD, PhD, Board Director
Business angel

During his 50-year career, Esteban Cvitkovic has focused on early stage development of anticancer agents. He has played an instrumental role in obtaining the registration of several oncology drugs. Notable projects include founding two specialist oncology CROs, and co-founding the biotech, OncoEthix, which was acquired by Merck.
Esteban is a member of numerous Scientific Boards, including the Nélia & Amadeo Barletta Foundation and several other biotech companies. He has worked as an advisor to Index Ventures and Medicxi among others.
Esteban Cvitkovic - omicX

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