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Predicts the most likely targets of CRISPR RNAs. This can be used to discover targets in newly sequenced genomic or metagenomic data. The inputs into CRISPRTarget are predicted CRISPR arrays or spacer sequences. The output provided is either visual in HTML format, but can also be saved as text and opened in a spreadsheet. The target sequence is typically displayed as an R-loop, depicting a specified part of the crRNA, as well as both the target and non-target strand of the double-stranded target DNA. The target sequence R-loop can be fully reverse complemented, when users suspect that the direction of transcription of the CRISPR array starts from the downstream end instead.

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Department of Biochemistry; University of Otago; Dunedin, New Zealand; Laboratory of Microbiology; Wageningen University; Wageningen, Netherlands; Department of Microbiology and Immunology; University of Otago; Dunedin, New Zealand; Genetics Otago; University of Otago; New Zealand

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