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Serves as a data storage site and visualization tool for cross-linking results. XLink-DB accepts data generated with any cross-linker and stores them in a relational database. Cross-linked sites are automatically mapped onto PDB structures if available, and results are compared to existing protein interaction databases. A protein interaction network is also automatically generated for the entire data set. The novel, integrated approach of XLinkDB 2.0 enables the holistic analysis of XL-MS protein interaction data without limitation to the cross-linker or analytical system used for the analysis.
Scores tandem mass spectra against a peptide database, in which fragment ion probabilities, number of enzymatic termini of candidate peptides, matching quality and match pattern between experimental and theoretical spectrum were considered. PepSearch is a polypeptide identification software. Benchmarking the novel scorer on a large set of experimental mass spectrometry (MS)/MS spectra, it is doubted that this software run significantly better than the used software SEQUEST.
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