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The structural, functional, and mechanistic characterization of several types of post-translational modifications (PTMs) is well-documented. PTMs, however, may interact or interfere with one another when regulating protein function. Yet, characterization of the structural and functional signatures of their crosstalk has been hindered by the scarcity of data.

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(Pejaver et al., 2014) The structural and functional signatures of proteins that undergo multiple events of post-translational modification. Protein Sci.

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A sequence-based predictor of potential post-translational modification (PTM) sites in proteins. It consists of 34 ensembles of logistic regression models, trained separately on a combined set of 126,036 non-redundant experimentally verified sites for 23 different modifications, obtained from public databases and an ad-hoc literature search. Areas under the ROC curve (AUCs) were estimated to range from ~60 to 97%, depending on the type of PTM. ModPred is a useful tool in guiding biological experiments and data interpretation.
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