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It has been known for about 20 years now that combinations of histone modifications can affect histone-enzyme interaction, where nearby or distant PTMs interdependently recruit or release a given enzyme. This phenomenon is described as PTM crosstalk (Fischle et al., 2003 ; Lee et al., 2010). Originally, crosstalk is the disturbance caused by the electric or magnetic fields of one telecommunication signal affecting a signal in an adjacent circuit. Thus, it defines something that generates interference to a functional mechanism.

(Fischle et al., 2003) Histone and chromatin cross-talk. Curr Opin Cell Biol.
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Source text:
(Schwämmle et al., 2016) Systems Level Analysis of Histone H3 Post-translational Modifications (PTMs) Reveals Features of PTM Crosstalk in Chromatin Regulation. Mol Cell Proteomics.

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