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Detects cytokine-receptor interactions. CytoSVM is a model based on the statistical learning algorithm, support vector machine (SVM), for identifying cytokine-receptor interactions on the basis of protein primary sequences. The software also provides optional function of prediction by protein names. CytoSVM broadens the understanding of cytokines’ physiological activities in the systematic level. It was applied to screen the whole genomes of human and mouse for novel cytokine-receptor pairs.

Early Bird

Provides a parallel coordinates visualization tool. Early Bird allows users to upload their data sets in CSV files, or to visualize data stored from selected studies. Early Bird hosts a large immunological data set based on about 240 individuals from a clinical cohort of 740 healthy aging adults. It contains data from cellular, protein, and genomic assays, with particular emphasis on stimulation-response assays (phosphoepitope analysis of cytokine signaling, and cytokine production and gene expression from stimulated PBMC). Early Bird is freely available online.

CTKPred / CyToKinePred

Predicts and classifies cytokines from protein sequence. CTKPred is a web server implementing a support vector machine (SVM)-based method developed for the recognition of cytokines on the basis of dipeptide composition. The software uses a three-step strategy for recognizing cytokines from protein sequences and further classifying cytokines to subfamily level. It was trained using fixed-length vectors obtained on the basis of the dipeptide composition of proteins.