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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 24
Release date: Nov 20 2014
Last update date: Nov 21 2014
Access: Public
Dataset link Dam selectivity upon glass eel migration: insights from genes expression analysis.

Experimental Protocol

A comparative analysis of gene expression was conducted between eels sampled in differents segments of Canal des Etangs. Total RNAs were extracted from the whole liver,muscle and brain using the Absolutely RNA RT-PCR Miniprep kit (Agilent) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Three independent RNA pools, each consisting of three individuals RNA samples, were prepared for each sampling site and tissues. Due to technical problems, it was no possible to perform microarray analyses in muscle of eels sampled in forebay 3. Accordingly, DNA microarray analysis has been performed in a total of 24 pools. RNAs’ quality was evaluated by electrophoresis on a 1% agarose gel and their concentrations were determined by spectrophotometry. Total RNA was stored in RNAse free water at -80° C. Sample labelling and hybridization were conducted following the details in Pujolar et al. (2012). Hybridized slides were scanned at 5 µm resolution using an Agilent DNA microarray scanner. Slides were scanned at two different sensitivity levels (XDR Hi 100% and XDR Lo 10%) and the two linked images generated were analysed together. Data were extracted and background subtracted using the standard procedure in Agilent Feature Extraction (FE) software v. 9.5.1. Data were normalized separately for each tissue using a quantile normalization procedure using R (










Massimo Milan