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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 8
Release date: Jan 7 2010
Last update date: Jun 25 2013
Access: Public
Genes: SpRunt-1
Dataset link Gene expression effects of morpholino directed spRunt-1 knockdown on hatched blastula stage embryos

Experimental Protocol

For an 8x15k chip the 8 arrays were 4 biological replicates and a dye swap of the same 4. Biological Replicates - Four separate embryo cultures, each from a different mating pair were initiated and divided into a control group and a treatment group. All of the embryos in the treatment group were micoinjected with a splice-blocking morpholino antisense oligonucleotide (MASO) targeted to SpRunt-1. All control and sample embryos were developed to hatched blastula stage (18 hours post-fertilization) in filtered seawater at 15°C. Total RNA was extracted from each of the four separate samples (3,600 embryos in each sample) with an RNA yield near 5 micro grams per sample. Total RNA was also extracted from the untreated embryos of each separate culture pooled together (about 14,400) with an RNA yield near 20 micro grams. Technical (dye swap) Replicates - Control derived Cy3 (green) labeled aRNA was mixed with sample derived Cy5 (red) labeled aRNA in one biological replicate set of 4 samples and using half of the extracted RNA amount. The other half of the RNA was reciprocally labeled with control derived aRNA Cy5 labeled and sample derived aRNA Cy3 labeled.










Anthony Robertson
Anthony James Robertson

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