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[…] rticoid receptor gene (NR3C1), which is a key player in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and to DNA methylation of imprinted genes IGF2 and GNASXL important in fetal growth and development [, ]. This led us to hypothesize that PRAQ measurements, more specifically the “fear of integrity” subscale, could indeed have more widespread associations with fetal DNA methylation., DNA methylation of repetitive sequences such as LINE elements have been associated with growth trajectories and birthweight []. However, in our study, global fetal DNA methylation was not different in the high versus low prenatal anxiety group and these groups did not cluster together., Pathway and GO analysis using ErmineJ [] results of the current study should be interpreted carefully, taking into account the multifunctionality scores of each GO term. High multifunctionality scores indicate that many genes involved have several different biological functions, complicating interpretation of these results. Our findings showed that the top-ranked DMRs annotated to genes identified in our study were enriched in pathways related to brain development, general cellular functions, and tight junctions., We based the selection of the GABBR1 gene for further validation on the merged analysis from both DMRcate and comb-p, two methods that use different strategies to identify DMRs using HM450 data. Although absolute DNA methylation differences appeared small, Cohen’s d effect sizes in the region were medium to large. Additionally, small absolute differences have previously been found to be relevant and correlated to biologically meaningful measurements [, ]. Interestingly, the EpiTYPER validation study of the GABBR1 DMR on the full PELS cohort confirmed a gender-specific association of pregnancy anxiety with GABBR1 DNA methylation. More specifically, in male neonates, CpG_8 and CpG_14.15 were significantly associated with pregnancy anxiety following multiple testing corrections, with a large effect siz […]

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