Computational protocol: The Role of Alpha Activity in Spatial and Feature-Based Attention

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[…] EEGs were acquired using a 64-channel cap system with a 10/20 layout developed by Biosemi (Amsterdam, Netherlands). The EEG was sampled at 1024 Hz and rereferenced to Cz during importation into Matlab (MathWorks, Natick, MA) using EEGLAB 11 ().Using EEGLAB the EEG, data were rereferenced to average reference, high-pass-filtered at 0.5 Hz, and epoched from –2.4 to +1.9 s, time-locked to target onset. Epochs were baseline-corrected using –0.2 to 0 s pretarget. Incorrect trials and trials with an eye movement during the cue–target interval were removed from further analyses (see Methods, Analyses, Behavioral). Remaining ocular artifacts were removed using independent component analysis (ICA, infomax algorithm) incorporated as the default “runica” function in EEGLAB. Principle component analysis (PCA) was used to reduce dimensionality of the data before performing ICA. Then data were transported into Fieldtrip 13_1_1b () format. A semi-automatic routine (using the “ft_rejectvisual” function of Fieldtrip) was applied to the EEG data to remove epochs with noise. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools EEGLAB, FieldTrip
Application Clinical electrophysiology