Computational protocol: Inorganic Polyphosphate, Exopolyphosphatase, and Pho84-Like Transporters May Be Involved in Copper Resistance in Metallosphaera sedula DSM 5348T

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Protocol publication

[…] A model for the PPXMsed structure was built including residues 1 to 298, by using homology modeling as implemented in Modeller v9.16 []. Aquifex aeolicus PPX structure 1T6C was used as the template, and Clustal X was used to align the protein sequences []. The coordinates for residues G143, S146, and E148 in the 1T6C structure (G136, S139, and E141 in PPXMsed) were fixed during the modeling, to maintain their configuration in the final PPXMsed model. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools MODELLER, Clustal W
Application Protein structure analysis
Organisms Metallosphaera sedula, Escherichia coli
Chemicals Copper, Phosphates, Polyphosphates