Computational protocol: Quality Variation of Goji (Fruits of Lycium spp.) in China: A Comparative Morphological and Metabolomic Analysis

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[…] Fruits were placed in a drying oven at 60°C for 6 h then were cooled down overnight. High-resolution images of the fruits were obtained by using an image scanner (Epson Perfection V750 Pro, United States). Length and width of each fruit were measured in Adobe Photoshop by using the ruler tool, which was done by selecting a smallest rectangle to cover the fruit outline and recording the length and width of the corresponding rectangle. Color parameters of the fruit images were represented by RGB values which were measured as follows: A smooth and clean area on the fruit image was selected such that its color was representative of the whole fruit; then, the RGB value of this area was read from the information toolbox using the color sampler tool in Photoshop.For weight measurement 50 fruits per sample were randomly selected and weighed. This was repeated three times per sample. If the difference between any two of the three measurements was over 5.0%, another batch of 50 fruits was weighed. The process was repeated until there were three measurements with differences below 5.0%.Data were analyzed with R 3.4.1 in RStudio 1.0.153. R packages of ggplot2, multcomp, and MASS were used (; ; ; ). […]

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Software tools Ggplot2, multcomp
Applications Miscellaneous, GWAS