Computational protocol: Identification of Hippophae species (Shaji) through DNA barcodes

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[…] Proofreading and contig assembly of sequencing peak diagrams were performed by CodonCode Aligner 3.7.1 (CodonCode Co., Centreville, MA, USA). The ITS2 region was obtained by the HMMer annotation method based on the Hidden Markov model to remove the 5.8S and 28S sections at both ends of the sequences [–]. The psbA-trnH intergenic spacer boundary was determined according to the annotation of similar sequences in GenBank. All sequences were aligned (MUSCLE option) by MEGA 6.0 (Center for Evolutionary Medicine and Informatics, Tempe, AZ, USA) [], and the genetic distances were calculated according to the Kimura 2 parameter (K2P) model. The distribution of intra- vs. inter-specific variability was assessed by DNA barcoding gaps. A neighbor-joining (NJ) tree was constructed and bootstrap resampling (1000 replicates) was conducted to assess the confidence in phylogenetic analysis by MEGA 6.0. The combination of ITS2 and psbA-trnH (ITS2 + psbA-trnH) was also evaluated by these methods. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools CodonCode Aligner, HMMER, MEGA
Application Phylogenetics