Computational protocol: Electromyography and sonomyography analysis of the tibialis anterior: a cross sectional study

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[…] EMG data analysis: The electromyographic variables, maximum peak and area under curve (AUC) were extracted from the basic results for the selected area of interest for all participants. This area includes the maximum activation peak of the electromyographic register of the TA muscle and the two seconds around it (one second before and one second after). The largest maximum activation peak among the three trials performed by each participant was selected for analysis. MegaWin 3.0.1 software was used to obtain these variables (Mega Electronics Ltd, Kuopio, Finland).SMG data analysis: The muscular architecture variables thickness and pennation angle from the ultrasound images were taken following the procedure described by Hodges et al. []. Two images for each test and for each participant were analyzed, always in the same order; the first image was muscle thickness and the second was pennation angle. Muscle thickness was measured between the surface edge and the surface of the tibia at 5 cm from the right edge of the image (Figure ) and the pennation angle was determined from the angle between the connective tissue which runs longitudinally down the center of the muscle and the most clearly shown surface fascicle (Figure ). Marking for thickness was done through detection of the pixel closest to white using Matlab Program, and for pennation angle the clearest muscle fiber was selected. Muscular architecture variables were obtained from the images extracted from the video captured during synchronous measurement, and were measured offline. F.205.0.0 AutoCAD 2012-English SP2 software (Autodesk, San Rafael, California, USA) was used to extract these parameters.Two measurements of each single image performed by the same operator on the same day, corresponding to the maximum peaks of muscular activity carried out during the test, were used to evaluate the reliability of the measurement. The operator did not know the measurement calculated in the first measurement.The values extracted from the electromyographic records and the muscular architecture obtained in the isotonic dorsiflexion contractions were normalized for each participant with regards to the maximum values obtained in the MVC.Examples of muscular architectural parameters for ultrasound synchronized with sEMG muscle activity for one participant are shown in Figure . […]

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Software tools MUSCLE, MEGA
Application Nucleotide sequence alignment
Organisms Homo sapiens