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Open Ephys
Permits data acquisition, processing, and visualization. Open Ephys allows to run and monitor extracellular electrophysiology experiments. It offers a Plugin Generator that allows developers to walk through the process of plugin creation and configuration with a user-friendly visual interface. The tool encourages scientists to look ‘under the hood’ and understand the details of its implementation. It provides an acquisition board compatible with many types of headstages. The software is built around processor modules that can be swapped in and out independently.
iELVis / Intracranial ELectrode VISualization
Assists users in neuroimaging co-registration and overlay creation. iELVis has several features: it (i) implements a set of standard tools for electrode localization/visualization using MATLAB code, (ii) establishes a pipeline and toolset to standardize localization across multiple laboratories, (iii) implements quality control metrics to help identify erroneous localizations and (iv) produces interactive, multi-view representations of the brain that can simultaneously represent multiple data modalities.
Simplifies the development of new brain-computer interface (BCI) approaches. BCILAB assist users to test different types of BCI models in offering both a graphical user interface and a scripting interface to allow researchers to perform analyses and run numerical and actual experiments. Moreover, it includes a set of plug-in frameworks permitting methods developers to implement new methods and then to make them available for later re-use in numerical experiments and real-time applications.
A mobile data collection platform for clinical and research applications in the field of mental health. Psychlog allows administering self-report questionnaires to gather participants' feedback on his/her quality of experience in its various cognitive, affective and motivational dimensions. The system consists of three main modules: the survey manager module, the computing module and the visualization module. Self-reports and sensors data are stored on the mobile phone’s internal memory, in separate files, for off-line analysis.
ERICA / Experimental Real-time Interactive Control and Analysis
Assists users to perform interactive control, experimental record and analysis of electroencephalography (EEG). ERICA is a solution allowing researchers to work on multimodal experiments incorporating feedback control and interactive data-adaptive stimulus: neurofeedback, videogame-like protocols, social neuroscience experiments, or cognitive monitoring. Moreover, it is composed of five complementary software environments: (1) a MatSound MaxMSP patch toolbox; (2) an Enactor Matlab environment; (3) a MatRiver LSL client environment; (4) a SNAP environement; and (5) a Lab Streaming Layer (LSL).
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