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An open-source, rich web environment to enable highly collaborative analysis of multi-gigapixel imaging data. Cytomine (i) provides remote and collaborative principles, (ii) relies on data models that allow to easily organize and semantically annotate imaging datasets in a standardized way, (iii) efficiently supports high-resolution multi-gigapixel images, (iv) provides mechanisms to readily proofread and share image quantifications produced by machine learning-based image recognition algorithms.
A multi-user web-based collaborative management system for images and volumes which allows users to view multi-terabyte datasets, annotate images with their own annotation schema, and summarize the results. Viking has several key features. (1) It works over the internet using HTTP and supports many concurrent users limited only by hardware. (2) It supports a multi-user, collaborative annotation strategy. (3) It cleanly demarcates viewing and analysis from data collection and hosting. (4) It is capable of applying transformations in real-time. (5) It has an easily extensible user interface, allowing addition of specialized modules without rewriting the viewer.
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