Computational protocol: Rev-erb-α modulates skeletal muscle oxidative capacity by regulating mitochondrial biogenesis and autophagy

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Protocol publication

[…] Protein extracted from muscle biopsies or cells were separated by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and we performed immunoblot analyses according to standard procedures. Proteins were transferred onto PVDF membranes and immunoblot analyses were carried out using antibodies directed against p-AMPK (Thr172)(1:1,000, Cell Signaling technology 2535) and AMPK (1:1,000, Cell Signaling technology 2532), Ppargc1-α (1:500, Santa-cruz biotechnology, sc-13067), Gapdh (1:500, Santa-cruz biotechnology, sc-25778), Actin (1:1,000, Santa-cruz biotechnology sc-1616), Bnip3 and Map1lc3a (1:1,000, Abcam38621 and Abcam51520, respectively), Park2 (1:1,000, Millipore ab9244), Acac (1:1,000, Cell Signalling 3662), p-Acac (S79) (1:1,000, Cell Signalling 3661), OX-PHOS (1:1,000, MitoSciences InVitrogen, iv 458099), Rev-erb-α (1:1,000, Perseus Proteomix PP-A8740A-00) following the manufacturer’s instructions. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Perseus, ProteoMix
Application DNA modification analysis
Diseases Brachial Plexus Neuropathies
Chemicals Glucose