Computational protocol: Caregiver burden and caregiver appraisal of psychiatric symptoms are not modulated by subthalamic deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease

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[…] All analyses took place in the R software environment, using the following packages: lme4 and nlme for longitudinal mixed models,, glmnet for LASSO, glmulti for genetic algorithm model selection,, depmixS4 for hidden Markov models, kml for longitudinal clustering and gbm for boosted regression modelling. Across the complete data set, <5% of data were missing. Missing data were inferred using the pooled results of 50 iterations of imputation by classification and regression trees, employing mice for longitudinal data imputation using Gibbs sampling. A de-identified data set used in the analysis can be requested from the lead author, subject to institutional review board approval. […]

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Software tools lme4, nlme
Application Mathematical modeling