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Dephosphorylation site databases | Post-translational modification data analysis

Reversible phosphorylation plays important roles across a wide range of cellular processes. Therein phosphatases are one important protein class that antagonizes the roles of kinases to maintain the phosphorylation homeostasis by hydrolyzing the phosphoryl group from protein or non-protein compounds. So far several data resources for phosphatases have been developed, and most of them focus on specific aspects. For example, PTP-central provides a comprehensive resource of one of the 18 phosphatase families, that is the protein tyrosine phosphatase family (PTPs). Another comprehensive phosphatase resource is the Eukaryotic protein Kinase and protein Phosphatase Database (EKPD) which is a hierarchical database of eukaryotic protein kinases and protein phosphatases. The human phosphatase portal (HuPho) includes phosphatase–substrate relations by integrating diverse annotation information from several public web resources or scientific literature using text-mining techniques.

Source text:
(Duang et al., 2015) The human DEPhOsphorylation database DEPOD: a 2015 update. Nucleic Acids Res.

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