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Provides a complete platform for the simultaneous pairwise analysis of transcriptome, translatome and proteome data. tRanslatome includes most of the available statistical methods developed for the analysis of high-throughput data, allowing the parallel comparison of differentially expressed genes and the corresponding differentially enriched biological themes. It will help to study mRNA and protein variations in an exhaustive way, providing specific tools for the comparison of polysomal mRNA with total mRNA or protein data. tRanslatome allows a user-friendly comparison and integration of data generated from two ‘-omics’ measurements, empowering the discovery of regulatory mechanisms underlying the uncoupling processes among the transcriptome, the translatome and the proteome.
Allows users to analyze translatomes. anota2seq analyzes both differential translation and differential translational buffering using data on a continuous scale or count data. The software has several features: i) it is not based on interpretation of difference scores between log ratios and hence will not be affected by spurious correlations; ii) it distinguishes differential translation from differential translational buffering; iii) it allows for batch correction; and iv) it permits analysis of polysome- associated and cytosolic mRNA changes.
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