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Provides information about human diseases. MalaCards is an integrated database of both general and specialized annotated diseases, including rare diseases, genetic diseases and complex disorders. The database contains “disease cards” with annotation topics such as Summaries, Symptoms, Anatomical Context, Drugs, Genetic Tests, Variations and Publications. Each disease is also associated with a prioritized list of genes. For annotation, the database employs source mining, GeneCards search, GeneAnalytics set analysis and MalaCards search.

RDCRN / Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network

Provides up-to-date information for patients and assists in connecting patients with advocacy groups, expert doctors, and clinical research opportunities. RDCRN is designed to advance medical research on rare diseases by providing support for clinical studies and facilitating collaboration, study enrollment and data sharing. It has proven to be an extremely effective research model to maximize research investigator participation, initiating clinical trials, facilitating patient recruitment with established research partnerships with patient advocacy groups at multiple research sites around the world.