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DNA methylation is an epigenome mark involved in key biological processes (Bird et al., 1986; Bird et al., 2002; Ziller et al., 2013), such as embryonic development, transcription, genomic imprinting, learning, memory or age-related cognitive decline (Schubeler et al., 2012; Oliveira et al., 2012; Zovkic et al., 2013; Lister et al., 2013). DNA methylation plays an important role in the origin and function of CpG islands (CGIs). Aberrant methylation (mostly hypermethylation) of CGIs has been implicated in the appearance of several disorders, such as cancer, immunodeficiency or centromere instability (Baylin et al., 2001; De Smet et al., 1999; Esteller et al., 2001; Issa et al., 2004; Riazalhosseini et al., 2008; Krebs et al., 2012; Wasserkort et al., 2013).

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Source text:
(Geisen et al., 2014) NGSmethDB: an updated genome resource for high quality, single-cytosine resolution methylomes. Nucleic Acids Res.

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