DNA methylation microarray data analysis software tools

DNA methylation is involved in numerous physiological processes and also disease states, such as cancer (Jones, 2012). This has raised wide interest in developing large-scale DNA methylation profiling technologies to improve our molecular understanding of diseases. The recently released Infinium HumanMethylation450 (Bibikova et al., 2011; Dedeurwaerder et al., 2011) is a preferred technology for studying the DNA methylomes of various cell types in large-scale studies, and there is a current explosion of data generated with this technology (Rakyan et al., 2011). Sequencing-based methods, although offering much higher genome coverage, are still not affordable by all laboratories, notably those with moderate budgets. Another reason for the success of DNA methylation arrays is the ease of reading and understanding the data generated, notably because microarrays have been widely used over the past decades, particularly for gene expression profiling.

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