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MeSHSim / Medical Subject Headings Semantic similarity measures

Computes semantic similarity among medical subject headings (MeSH) and MEDLINE documents. MeSHSim implemented nine typical MeSH ontology-based semantic similarity measures in the powerful R system. This package supports querying hierarchy information of a MeSH heading and retrieving MeSH headings of a query document. MeSHSim can be easily integrated into pipelines for other biomedical text analysis task to improve their performance, such as information retrieval, biomedical document clustering and citation searching process.

Jane / Journal/Author Name Estimator

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With an exponentially growing number of articles being published every year, scientists can use some help in determining which journal is most appropriate for publishing their results, and which other scientists can be called upon to review their work. Jane is a freely available web-based application that, on the basis of a sample text (e.g. the title and abstract of a manuscript), can suggest journals and experts who have published similar articles.

Deja vu

Presents publically cases of highly similar citations in Medline. Deja vu is a database of duplicate publications, as identified using a number of different techniques, with the principle one being text similarity comparisons. This resource includes: (i) a streamlined process to update the database on a daily basis, (ii) a more collaborative approach for recruitment and qualification of topical experts as volunteer curators for specific publication areas, and (iii) methods to better address the question most often asked by authors.