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Allows user to cluster digital droplet polymerase chain reaction (PCR) data to define positive and negative responses. Definetherain is an open-access web-based JavaScript program based on k-nearest neighbour clustering. It defines indeterminate rain droplets using the positive population rather than negative population. By defining the cut-off for positive droplets from the positive as opposed to the negative cluster and removing ambiguous rain droplets, this application provides improved accuracy at low template copy numbers.
ddpcr / droplet digital polymerase chain reaction
Quantifies DNA which holds great promise in clinical diagnostics. ddpcr allows users to analyze ddPCR data using an interactive graphical interface. It includes an interactive web application with a visual user interface to facilitate analysis for anyone who is not comfortable with using R. The counting of droplets emitting a sequence-specific fluorescent signal permits the number of copies of that sequence present in the sample to be quantified with excellent sensitivity and precision.
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