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A robust Bayesian classifier for the classification of fusion sequences. Oncofuse predicts the oncogenic potential of novel fusion genes, calculating the probability that a fusion sequence behaves as ‘driver’ of the oncogenic process based on features present in known oncogenic fusions. Cross-validation and extensive validation tests on independent datasets suggest a robust behavior with good precision and recall rates. Oncofuse is a useful tool to guide experimental validation studies of novel fusion sequences found during next-generation sequencing analysis of cancer transcriptomes.


A pipeline for the annotation and prediction of biologically functional gene fusion candidates. Pegasus provides a common interface for various gene fusion detection tools, reconstruction of novel fusion proteins, reading-frame-aware annotation of preserved/lost functional domains, and data-driven classification of oncogenic potential. Pegasus dramatically streamlines the search for oncogenic gene fusions, bridging the gap between raw RNA-Seq data and a final, tractable list of candidates for experimental validation.