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Allows quality control (QC) and analysis components of parallel single cell transcriptome and epigenome data. Dr.seq is a quality control (QC) and analysis pipeline that provides both multifaceted QC reports and cell clustering results. Parallel single cell transcriptome data generated by different technologies can be transformed to the standard input with contained functions. Using relevant commands, the software can also be used to report quality measurements based on four aspects and can generate detailed analysis results for scATAC-seq and Drop-ChIP datasets.
Gathers items dedicated to the management of single-cell (RNA-seq) data resulting from droplet technologies. DropletUtils provides more than 10 utilities allowing users to compute barcode rank statistics or to call cells according to the number of unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) associated with each barcode. It also provides features for identification of cells from empty droplets or generate a sparse or HDF5-backed count matrix. The software includes functions that focuses on data issue from 10X Genomics technology.
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