Computational protocol: Cachiporrini, a remarkable new tribe of Lamprosomatinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)  from South America

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[…] The data matrix was created using MacClade 4.08 () and analyzed using PAUP* (beta test version) (). Heuristic search was implemented using stepwise addition and 1000 random addition sequence replicates, 5 trees held at each step and Tree-Bisection-Reconnection (TBR) branch swapping algorithm. Nodal support for the preferred topology based on the given dataset was determined by bootstrapping () and Bremer support indices (, ). Bootstrapping was carried out with 500 replicates and random-taxon addition. Decay or Bremer support indices were calculated by executing in PAUP*a MacClade generated batch file of 20 replicate heuristic searches and random-taxon addition for each constraint tree. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools MacClade, PAUP*
Application Phylogenetics