Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 32
Release date: Jan 31 2015
Last update date: Jan 31 2015
Access: Public
Diseases: Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Metabolic Diseases, Glucose Intolerance, Neoplasms, Adipose Tissue, Lung Injury, 46, XY Disorders of Sex Development
Chemicals: Amino Acids, Bile Acids and Salts, Cholesterol, Epinephrine, Fatty Acids, Glucose, Steroids
Dataset link Inhaled Ozone (O3)-Induces Changes in Serum Metabolomic and Liver Transcriptomic Profiles in Rats

Experimental Protocol

Rats were exposed to filtered air (FA) or Ozone at 1 ppm, 6h/day for two consecutive days to establish ozone-exposure related effects on transcriptomic profiles. Samples were taken at three time points: 1 day (1day0hrs) - at the end of the 6 hour exposure period, 2 days (2day0hrs) - at the end of the of the second day 6 hour exposure period) and 2 days 18 hours (2day18hrs) - 18 hours after the 6 hour exposure period on the second day. Total liver RNA was isolated from ~20 mg tissue with a commercially available RNeasy mini kit (Qiagen, Valencia, CA) using silica gel membrane purification. Liver RNA was resuspended in 30μl of RNAse- free water. RNAse inhibitor was added and RNA yield was determined spectrophotometrically on a NanoDrop 1000 (Thermo Scientific, Wilmington, DE). RNA integrity was assessed by the RNA 6000 LabChip® kit using a 2100 Bioanalyzer (Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA). We examined global gene expression changes using the Affymetrix platform (RG- 230 PM Array strip). Biotin-labeled cRNA was produced from total RNA using an Affymetrix “IVT-express labeling kit “(cat# 901229).










William Ward