Computational protocol: Molecular dissection of pathway components unravel atisine biosynthesis in a non-toxic Aconitum species, A. heterophyllum Wall

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[…] The shortlisting of paralogs was carried out to avoid ambiguity among multiple paralogs of the selected genes found in the transcriptomes of A. heterophyllum. Nucleotide sequences of selected genes for glycolysis, serine biosynthesis and diterpene alkaloid biosynthesis were retrieved from the transcriptomes of A. heterophyllum available at the URL: (Pal et al. ). The functionally characterized sequences of each selected gene were obtained from the public databases and subjected to blastn/tblastn in NCBI blast ( as query sequences against the transcriptomic sequences of corresponding genes as subject sequences. The paralogs showing maximum homology with the functionally characterized sequences were selected and further screened on the basis of transcript abundance in differential metabolite phenotypes. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BLASTN, TBLASTN
Application Amino acid sequence alignment
Diseases Adrenoleukodystrophy