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Application: ChIP-seq analysis
Number of samples: 7
Release date: Mar 1 2012
Last update date: Jul 20 2018
Access: Public
Diseases: Hepatitis B
Computational protocol: ELAND, seqMINER
Dataset link Interconversion between active and inactive TATA-binding protein transcription complexes in the mouse genome.

Experimental Protocol

Using homologous recombination, we generated ES cells and mice harbouring a null allele in the Tbp gene by insertion of a hygromycin resistance cassette in exon III and a floxed allele, in which exon III is surrounded by LoxP sites. From these mice, we generated an embryonic fibroblast Tbplox/- cell line in which TBP expression can be inactivated by expression of the Cre recombinase leading to cell death. We adopted a two-step strategy to generate Tbp-/- cell lines expressing human (h)TBP. Cells were first infected with pBABE retrovirus vectors expressing Wt hTBP or a series of mutants in the TBP core region, all of which carry a Flag-HA tag on their N-terminus. Cells expressing endogenous mTBP and exogenous hTBP were then infected with a second retrovirus expressing the 4 hydroxy-tamoxifen (OHT) inducible Cre-ERT2. Subsequently, multiple clonal populations from the OHT treated cells were isolated and genotyped by PCR to identify the Tbp-/-clones. At least two independent clones where expression of the endogenous mTBP was lost and replaced by the exogenous hTBP were isolated.









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