Computational protocol: Haplotype Analysis of GSK-3β Gene Polymorphisms in Bipolar Disorder Lithium Responders and Nonresponders

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[…] The relationship between haplotypes consisting of SNPs of GSK3B −50T/C and −1727A/T and the effect of lithium was studied for lithium responders and nonresponders among Japanese patients affected by bipolar disorder (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition).The subjects had received lithium treatment for at least 24 months. The lithium treatment efficacy was evaluated by calculating the difference between the symptoms before and during lithium treatment, using a structured clinical rating scale, namely, the Young Mania Rating Scale. Responder analysis revealed that 64% of the patients showed a reduction of 50% or more from baseline to endpoint in the Young Mania Rating Scale score (responder).Genomic DNA samples were obtained from 42 patients (responders, 27 [11 men and 16 women]; nonresponders, 15 [4 men and 11 women]; mean [SD] age, 35.8 [8.8] years) after written informed consent had been obtained. The GSK3B −50T/C and −1727A/T genotyping was performed by the polymerase chain reaction method.,The Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium was assessed by the χ2 test.For statistical analysis of GSK3B haplotypes, gPLINK (∼purcell/plink/) and Haploview ( were used., […]

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Software tools PLINK, Haploview
Applications Population genetic analysis, GWAS
Chemicals Lithium