Dataset features


Dataset type: Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
Number of samples: 4
Release date: Jan 31 2019
Last update date: Jan 31 2019
Access: Public
Dataset link SCD – Stem Cell Differentiation on board the International Space Station [RNA-seq]

Experimental Protocol

The SCD experiment consisted of 24 experimental hardware modules (EH) (12 flight modules and 12 ground modules), each of which had one experiment unit (EU) integrated into the KUBIC interface container single level (KIC-SL). Each EU consisting of a brick containing 5 cylinders (for the medium and chemicals), a cell culture chamber (CC), and connecting channels. Five small valves were placed to separate the different fluids and the CC. Each cylinder had a piston to inject a new fluid into the CC; the waste medium was collected in the previously emptied cylinder and suitably preserved. EH were trasferred on board the ISS by the Soyuz-TMA-16M (ISS 42S, launched on March 27, 2015); 27°C was the temperature recorded for the samples in the Soyouz vehicle before docking and installation in the KUBIK incubator on board the ISS The experimental proifile consisted of: 1) installation in KUBIK (T0); 2) Start with the first medium exchange (T0+7h); 3) Second medium exchange (T0+7d); 4)Third medium exchange with PBS (T0+14d); 5) Stop by means of two subsequent exchanges with RNAlater Here, the effect of microgravity on hBMSCs were investigated by means of mRNA sequencing using Ion Proton. Four spaceflight samples were considered; three samples were cultured in standard medium (SM) while one sample was cultured in osteogenic medium (OM).










Silvia Bradamante