Computational protocol: The relationship between the visual evoked potential and the gamma band investigated by blind and semi-blind methods

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[…] Two methods of source separation were used: blind ICA (fastICA, ) and semi-blind FSS (). FSS was performed with both temporal () and spectral () constraints to extract the sources of interest. [...] Source localisation was performed using an equivalent current dipole (ECD) model, with a forward model consisting of four concentric conductive spheres (routine DIPFIT2 () of EEGLAB v6.01b, available at ()). EEGLAB expresses ECD position in Talairach coordinates and projects them onto the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) template brain (). In order to test whether the localisation of the ECDs was comparable between methods, a repeated measures one-way ANOVA with levels EEGICk, EEGFSP100, EEGFSγ for X, Y and Z coordinates was performed. […]

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Software tools fastICA, EEGLAB
Applications Miscellaneous, Clinical electrophysiology