Computational protocol: Beta Atomic Contacts: Identifying Critical Specific Contacts in Protein Binding Interfaces

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[…] Three datasets in the literature are used to comprehensively evaluate β atomic contacts.The first Bahadur dataset contains 178 crystal packing and 113 biological homodimers from the previous works , . This dataset has been used to develop DiMoVo .The second Ponstingl dataset has 95 crystal packing and 76 homodimers . This dataset has been used in several existing works , , including PITA and PISA .The third non-redundant dataset is compiled by from the Bahadur, Ponstingl and NOXclass datasets . In this non-redundant dataset, two proteins have no more than 30% sequence identity. This dataset includes 314 crystal packing and 144 homodimers after preprocessing . […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools DiMoVo, NOXclass
Application Protein interaction analysis