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Makes biodiversity data free and available on the web. VertNet is designed to help people discover, capture, and publish biodiversity data. It is also the core of a collaboration between hundreds of biocollections that contribute biodiversity data and work together to improve it. VertNet is an engine for training current and future professionals to use and build upon best practices in data quality, curation, research, and data publishing. Yet, VertNet is still the aggregate of all of the information that it mobilizes.
Provides a repository for detailed information about Japanese bees. HANABACHI inventories The Kyushu University Museum collection and provides detailed record about each species. Each entry is composed of 16 items such as visiting or associated flowers, synonymy, or parasites. Besides, the database also contains several images - of the whole body, the head in frontal view, the mesoscutum, the propodeum, and the metasomal terga for each sex - which can be enlarged to examine detailed morphology.