Computational protocol: Hemodynamic Characteristics Regarding Recanalization of Completely Coiled Aneurysms: Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis Using Virtual Models Comparison

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[…] The flow velocity magnitude and the WSS at the systolic peak around the neck of the aneurysm were calculated, and the results were saved in specific files as VTK format for visualization. Visualization of the results was performed using Paraview 3.0 (Sandia Corporation, Kitware Inc. NY, USA) which could allow comparison of the two data sets at the same view and rotation angles by pixel-by-pixel bases. Flow-velocity magnitudes around the neck of the aneurysms at the systolic peak were visualized with instantaneous streamlines as flow patterns in the 3D space using glyph rendering, and the WSSs around the neck of the aneurysm were also visualized with a color map in the 3D space using surface rendering. These qualitative results of hemodynamic factors were obtained from CFD analysis of the completely occluded aneurysm model and recanalized aneurysm model in the same patient. Finally, we evaluated the correlation between the hemodynamic factors and recanalization of the aneurysm following coil embolization. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools VTK, ParaView
Application Microscopic phenotype analysis
Diseases Aneurysm, Intracranial Aneurysm, Fractures, Stress