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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 18
Release date: Jan 13 2010
Access: Public
Chemicals: Ethanol, Steroids
Genes: RXRA
Taxon: Homo sapiens, Rattus norvegicus
Dataset link Liver of rat offsprings exposed perinatally to low doses of 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether

Experimental Protocol

Dams were randomly distributed among two groups (3 dams per group) and exposed by caudal injection (0.3 ml/kg body weight) from GD 15 to PND 20 every 5 days (a total of 6 injections/dam). Dams of the control group received vehicle: ethanol 95%, Cremophor EL, and sterile water (1:1:8, v/v); dams of exposed group 1 received 0.002 mg/kg body weight (BW) of BDE-47 in vehicle, and dams of exposed group 2 received 0.2 mg/kg body weight (BW) of BDE-47 in vehicle. Dams and pups were kept together until weaning on PND 21. After weaning, dams, male and female pups were separated. One male and one female pup per litter were selected randomly and sacrificed by decapitation on PND 27. Total RNA was extracted from liver samples of these pups and used for microarray analysis.








Alexander Suvorov

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