Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 22
Release date: Dec 9 2008
Last update date: Mar 17 2012
Access: Public
Chemicals: Carbon, Graphite, Uranium
Dataset link G. sulfurreducens growth with acetate as limiting electron donor versus fumarate as limiting electron acceptor

Experimental Protocol

RNA was extracted and used for hybridizations from three identically treated chemostat cultures (biological replicates) of Geobacter sulfurreducens DL1 at steady state. The two conditions tested were 1) acetate as the sole electron donor and limiting factor and fumarate as the sole electron acceptor and 2) acetate was supplied in excess with fumarate supplied as the sole electron acceptor and limiting factor. A two-color hybridization strategy was used to produce a total of twenty two technical replicates (hybridizations) from three biological replicates as follows. Eight technical replicates were completed from the two biological replicate of which four of the technical replicates were in the opposite or “flip dye” configuration and six technical replicates were produced from the third biological replicate of which three were “flip dyes” .








Chun-Hua Wan