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Evaluates Hi-C data to identify enriched DNA-DNA interactions. PSYCHIC analyzes promoter-enhancer interactions through three steps: (1) it finds an optimal segmentation of each chromosome into topological domains via a unified probalistic model and a dynamic programming algorithm; (2) it iteratively combines neighboring domains into hierarchical structures and finally (3) it matches each domain by using a topologically association domain (TAD) -specific background model.
HIPPIE / High-throughput Identification Pipeline for Promoter Interacting Enhancer elements
A high-throughput identification pipeline for promoter interacting enhancer element to streamline the workflow from mapping raw Hi-C reads, identifying DNA-DNA interacting fragments with high confidence and quality control, detecting histone modifications and DNase hypersensitive enrichments in putative enhancer elements, to ultimately extracting possible intra- and inter-chromosomal enhancer-target gene relationships.
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