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DETECT / Density Estimation Tool for Enzyme ClassificaTion
Allows construction of positive and negative density profiles for each enzyme commission (EC) number, representing how sequences within a class align to one another and to other classes. DETECT considers the effect of sequence diversity when assigning enzymatic function to a protein sequence. This tool can be applied for studying the proteome of Caenorhabditis elegans. In summary, it permits users to reconstruct high confidence metabolic models.
IC50-to-Ki converter
Converts g IC50 to Ki values for inhibitors of enzymes and of protein-ligand interactions. IC50-to-Ki converter is a web server that calculates Ki values from IC50 values using equations for enzyme-substrate and target-ligand interactions by different inhibitory mechanisms. The software provides results for classic and tight-binding inhibitors of enzyme activity and ligand-binding reactions that are assumed to follow relatively simple kinetic schemes. It aims to facilitate research and the development of potential therapeutic products.
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