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FAVITES / FrAmework for VIrak Transmission and Evolution Simulation
Feigns numerous models of contact networks, viral transmission, phylogenetic and sequence evolution, data (sub)sampling, and real-world data perturbations. FAVITES is able to find people with increased risk of onward transmission. It can assist public health officials to optimize spending their limited budgets for targeted prevention or treatment. This tool allows to mimic conditions similar to epidemic and pick the best method/threshold tailored to a situation.
MicroCOSM / Microsimulation for the Control of South African Morbidity and Mortality
Simulates the epidemiology of various diseases and the social processes that drives diseases in South Africa. MicroCOSM includes features for understanding socio-economic and racial inequality in health outcomes in South Africa. It can serve for assessing the potential impact of strategies to reduce these inequalities. Moreover, it is able to simulate HIV testing in different conditions such as in prison.
Offers a R package for procuring a way to construct, solve, and view mathematical models related with infectious disease. EpiModel permits users to simulate epidemic models for both pedagogical and research purposes. It proposes three classes of epidemic models (deterministic compartmental models, stochastic individual contact models, stochastic network models) and three infectious disease types (susceptible-infectious, susceptible-infectious-recovered, and susceptible-infectious-susceptible) which can be extended.
STEM / Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler
Assists users in the creation and use of spatial and temporal models for emerging infectious diseases. STEM is an application that includes models to aid in understanding and potentially preventing the spread of such diseases. This method also facilitates the development of advanced mathematical models, the creation of flexible models involving multiple populations (species) and interactions between diseases, and the understanding of epidemiology.
Assists users in large epidemic spread simulations. epiDMS is an epidemic simulation data management system software. It includes (i) the storage and indexing of large-ensemble simulation data sets and the corresponding models and (ii) the search and analysis of ensemble simulation data sets to enable ensemble-based decision support. This application also provides parameterized queries and other interactive user interfaces to enable decision-makers with minimal experience to explore large-ensemble simulations.
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