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NEST / Network Essentiality Scoring Tool
Analyzes genome wide clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) screen data. NEST can be performed according two different manners: (i) a web application is available for basic functionalities and allows the submission of matrixes up to 10 MB; (ii) a standalone version application that can be employed to analyze several networks as well as p-values. The program can also be applied for ChIP-seq target gene prioritization as well as survival gene identification from tumor profiling data.
Pheg / Predictor of human essential genes
Predicts human gene essentiality. Pheg is based on the λ-interval Z-curve. It can predict whether a query gene is essential using only the CDS region of a gene as input. The tool has the potential for applications in mining characteristics from other character sequences and can be used as a universal feature extraction method for DNA sequences. Considering the Pheg’s result is better than the results obtained in previous studies using integrated features, the gene essentiality of the human genome can be accurately reflected based on only the sequence information.
HEGIAP / Human Essential Genes Interactive Analysis
Aims to facilitate the comprehensive exploration of human essential genes. HEGIAP is a web server that integrates analytical and visualization tools to give a multilevel interpretation of gene essentiality for a single gene. The software supports both feature- and gene-oriented analyses. It provides an overall gene property graph, boxplots for gene properties, histone modification, methylation, and chromatin accessibility profiles, the Hi-C contact map of chromatin structure and offers a drug-screening tool.
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