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A publicly and freely available platform that addresses the increasing need of next generation sequencing data analysis in the Drosophila research community. FlyVar is composed of three parts. First, a database that contains 5.94 million DNA polymorphisms found in Drosophila melanogaster derived from whole genome shotgun sequencing of 612 genomes of D. melanogaster. In addition, a list of 1,094 dispensable genes has been identified. Second, a graphical user interface (GUI) has been implemented to allow easy and flexible queries of the database. Third, a set of interactive online tools enables filtering and annotation of genomic sequences obtained from individual D. melanogaster strains to identify candidate mutations. FlyVar permits the analysis of next generation sequencing data without the need of extensive computational training or resources.
CEG / Cluster of Essential Genes
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Contains clusters of orthologous essential genes. Based on the size of a cluster, users can easily decide whether an essential gene is conserved in multiple bacterial species or is species-specific. CEG contains the similarity value of every essential gene cluster against human proteins or genes. Properties contained in the CEG database, such as cluster size, and the similarity of essential gene clusters against human proteins or genes, are very important for evolutionary research and drug design.
IFIM / Integrates quantitative Fitness Information for Microbial genes
Provides integrated microbial fitness data from both experiments and computational simulations. The integrated fitness data in IFIM originate from experiments of single-gene deletion mutants, libraries of transposon integrations and computational simulations using Geptop. IFIM overlaps with the existing DEG, OGEE and CEG databases, but differs from them in that it provides quantitative fitness values for the genes.
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