Dataset features


Dataset type: Expression profiling by array, transcription profiling by array, Transcriptome or Gene expression
Number of samples: 15
Release date: May 12 2010
Last update date: Aug 15 2018
Access: Public
Dataset link Differentiation of Arabidopsis guard cells: analysis of the networks incorporating the basic helix-loop helix transcription factor, FAMA

Experimental Protocol

Transgenic plants with an estrogen-inducible FAMA expression cassette were used in a timecourse experiment to identify genes that were differentially regulated by FAMA. Two time points were analyzed, 4 hours and 48 hours post-induction. Seedlings were grown on vertically oriented plates in a 22 °C incubator under 24 hours light for 5 days. Plants were then transfered with forcepts to plates containing MS + Sucrose + 10 µM estrogen (or new MS + sucrose plates for controls). After 4h or 48h on new plates, samples were collected, frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at –80 degree until enough material was obtained to do all RNA extractions in the same week. The Rneasy Plant Mini Kit (QIAGEN) for RNA isolation, and samples were labelled with standard kits, etc (get info) and hybridized to Affymetrix Ath1 array chips. 15 samples.










Dominique Bergmann
Dominique C Bergmann
Kyoko Ohashi-Ito