Computational protocol: Uncovering the Mechanisms of Chinese Herbal Medicine (MaZiRenWan) for Functional Constipation by Focused Network Pharmacology Approach

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[…] The Venn’s diagram was drawn by online tool (Venny 2.1) (). Fingerprint similarity between compounds was calculated with ECFP-4-like Morgan (radius = 2) () in RDKit. The clustering map was made with seaborn (version 0.8.0) package in Python. The PCA analysis was performed with scikit-learn () package in Python. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools VENNY, RDKit, Seaborn, Scikit-Learn
Applications Miscellaneous, Neuroimaging analysis
Organisms Cannabis sativa, Rattus norvegicus
Chemicals Acetylcholine, Amygdalin, Estrogens, Purines